Heinz Grill is a spiritual teacher and founder of a spiritual path of training. He has devoted himself principally in recent years to guiding the spiritual journeys of those who seek a modern path of spiritual training, founded on the freedom of the individuality.

Furthermore he has in the last two decades developed a body of work on cultural perspectives in the fields of nutrition, alternative medicine and treatment, education and relationships, architecture, as well as in the holistic experience of nature.

Since there is no comprehensive description of the life and work of Heinz Grill on the internet, we would like to give you in these pages some information about the life and development of Heinz Grill, as well as about the principles of his spiritual path of training.

Please note while reading these pages that the thoughts described here come from our personal experience and perspective. This is absolutely not an "official" self-portrait of Heinz Grill, nor of his spiritual path of training.

In Training path some essential thoughts about a spiritual training are outlined.

Physical and soul exercises, meditation describes the approach of Heinz Grill's practice in relation to the physical exercises of yoga, the meaning of the soul-exercises for the esoteric path and the purpose of meditation.

Under Cultural impulse you will find some important statements about his spiritual perspectives on culture in the following areas of life: alternative medicine and treatment, education and relationship, nutrition, nature and the experience of nature.

The chapter Biography and development gives an outline of the life of Heinz Grill and describes some stages of his childhood, youth and early adulthood until the founding of ”Yoga out of the Purity of the Soul“, with quotes from his autobiographical notes.

The booklet ”The Approach and Aim of Yoga out of the Purity of the Soul is in the original version for you to read, for example as a PDF Download.

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Heinz Grill

Heinz Grill himself on his work:

”In my work there is special emphasis on the notion that spirituality is not based on creed, or generally on collective forms of expression, but that it is individualised in each person, to the extent they wish and according to their capacity. The whole orientation is not a typical esoteric, energetic or mystical one, but a specific kind of work which trains the consciousness and above all stabilises it through processes of learning objectivity. It concerns the individual and encourages freedom. It is intended to foster people in freely developing the will, in richly facilitating inner and deeper sensitivity and in a dynamic, creative capacity to form thoughts.“